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At Waverly Homes, we focus on offering high-quality homes that we built using the finest materials to ensure they are durable and long lasting. We offer new home sales in Vancouver, WA, with a commitment to offering our customer affordable housing that delivers supreme comfort and luxury. We build homes with a foresight into our customers’ discerning requirements, and we do not compromise on quality in search of profits.

We have a team of expert designers and architects who have many years of experience in designing and building homes according to the latest design trends. We are always in search of the most exclusive and timeless designs that will help us in offering great value for money to our clients.

We have an exclusive new home listing that showcases a wide variety of choices according to area, design, and price. We primarily have three different designs and floor plan layouts in terms of area, which we can customize in innumerable ways according to your tastes and preferences. We offer a standard set of modern features and amenities that are already included in our list price, but we also offer customized design packages and a range of custom-tailored design solutions to suit your preferences.

Our model home showroom is a great reference point for you to understand several aspects of our modern home design. All features and designs that you see in our model homes are what you get for your home, and we do not charge extra for any additional features included in our list price. Unlike our competitors, we do not seek hidden costs for optional features displayed in the model home, but unavailable in the final product. Head over to Waverly Homes to browse through our pre sale house in Vancouver, WA.

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